Meet the Creator

Photography by Marlon Williams



Jamie Venice Rodgers is a fellow Memphian that has a passion for fashion, interior design, and every lifestyle. She started her career in high school taking both home furnishings and clothing textiles during her senior year. She furthered her education at the University of Memphis receiving her Bachelors degree in Professional Studies with a concentration in Home Furnishings and Marketing Management. After college, She did not find the ideal job that she wanted just like every recent graduate. She started as just a team member at Kirkland’s Home in Cordova,TN and later received a  promotion as Senior Assistant Manager (within a year of working). She did not stop with this retail job. She knew that something else was out there for her. While being a Senior Assistant Manager and tackling freelance interior decorating, she then decided to find something better. She is now a Visual Presentations Manager for Ashley Home Store in Madison, TN. She believes that one day she will have a business of her own as to how Veni Décor came into reality. Veni Décor is just the beginning to her journey and she wishes to see where this blog takes her. Stay tuned for more to come from Jamie Venice.

3 replies to Meet the Creator
  1. I am so proud of your dedication and passion for your career. I tried to teach you to chase your passion and not settle for a job. It’s amazing to see how your first perfect drawing of the little Mermaid has blossomed into a wonderful career. I love and support you. Continue to fly my butterfly. Signed Momma

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  2. This is great! Beautiful both inside and out. Much love and respect to you, I can’t wait for God to pull everything together for you in a way you never imagined!

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